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Our customers often inquire about the system requirements for Odoo, particularly when selecting hardware for on-premise instances (both Community and Enterprise).

Odoo is quite flexible in terms of system needs. For small companies with around 5 employees, a server with 2 CPU cores and 2 GB of RAM should suffice. As the company grows to around 20 employees, we recommend upgrading to a server with 4 CPU cores and 8 GB of RAM. 

For larger companies with 90 employees or more, it's advisable to have separate servers for the application and database, and consider implementing load balancing for the application server if the company has 250 or more employees.

Understand the odoo hardware(virtual / physical)

Let's say you have a system with 4 CPU cores, 8 GB of RAM, and around 30 concurrent Odoo users.

To determine the number of workers needed, divide the number of users by 6. In this case, 30 users divided by 6 equals 5, which is the estimated number of workers required.

To calculate the maximum number of workers, multiply the number of CPU cores by 2 and add 1. For 4 CPU cores, (4 * 2) + 1​ equals 9, which is the theoretical maximum number of workers.

Based on these calculations, you can allocate 5 workers for the Odoo users and an additional worker for the cron worker, totaling 6 workers.

To estimate the RAM memory consumption, you can use the following formula:

RAM = Number of workers * ((0.8 * 150) + (0.2 * 1024))

For example, with 6 workers, the calculation would be: 6 workers * ((0.8 * 150) + (0.2 * 1024))​, which equals approximately 2 GB of RAM.

Therefore, based on these calculations, your Odoo installation is estimated to require around 2 GB of RAM.

Let's see the chart below to get actual insights.

Take a look at this interactive chart to discover the ideal hardware configuration for your Odoo (Community and Enterprise) based on the number of active users.

Hope you find this helpful!!!!  Do comment about your insights on it.... :)

Odoo System requirements
Ram Krishna March 28, 2024
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